Marriage is my latest work. I decided to create a project that allows people to engage in a dialogue about marriage.

I began by examining marriage laws for all the states that support gay marriage and looking into the process of being able to perform weddings under their jurisdiction. This led me to become an ordained minister with the American Marriage Ministries. I proceeded to fly to Washington D.C. for a day in order to become a registered minister in the District of Columbia. My goal was to provide virtual weddings in San Jose for any couple while under the laws of the District of Columbia. This would provide, specifically gay couples, a way to get married legally in California by using their avatar as a extension of their geophysical self. Ultimately at this time, I am not recognized by their jurisdiction for undisclosed reasons. This felt like a major setback but in the end it helped me realign the project.

Marriage on a fundamental level is about people coming together to celebrate the union of two people. Minecraft is a sandbox style building game that when set up as a server, allows multiple people to gather and collaborate within it’s virtual environment. A benefit of a environment like this is that anyone around the world can attend the weddings as well as the show. Couples with loved ones all over the world can now invite all of their friends and family to gather collectedly to take part in their marriage. Through my project Marriage, marriage can be accessible to all.